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with Leo Rutherford

April 13-14th / ay 18-19th / June 22-23rd   2019

Sweat site

This course is aimed at teaching you how to build a sweatlodge, how to build the special fire to heat the rocks, how to conduct the ceremony, and the myriad details which it is necessary to know in order to achieve this successfully.

Weekend 1 – Teaching about the design of the lodge frame, the design of the fire, the materials required and the process of building such as the right kind of rocks, wood and saplings and the creation of the altar. Then actually doing it!

The First day will take you through the basics of finding the saplings to build the lodge frame and the erection of it and finding the specific wood for the base of the fire and laying it. Together we will create all we need to have a lodge. Second day will be a lodge with Leo chiefing and teaching at the same time. Followed by feedback and discussion.

Weekend 2 –  Teaching about the purpose of ceremony and how to hold it in a connected way. This is the cornerstone of a good sweatlodge once the basics have been mastered. Participants get to build a lodge and fire with supervision available. Small teams will build the altar and organise water for the lodge and for drinking between the rounds. The lodge ceremony will be conducted by up to four participants taking a round each under supervision. Feedback and discussion. Further teaching about holding ceremony.

Weekend 3 –  Further teaching about the deep meaning and purpose of the sweatlodge. Sweats on both days chiefed by different people for learning and experience, with fires built by different teams.

Final sweatlodge to be created and organised by the participants.

Summary of what we’ve learned.

Feedback, discussion and completion.

Cost £465,  booking deposit £165, balance payable first weekend or Instalment plan can be arranged.

Payments by cheque to ‘The Clophill Centre’ or BACS to the Centre Account sort code 09-01-28 a/c no 61718066

Refreshments provided, bring lunch to share. Simple accommodation available in yurt etc

Questions/enquiries:,/ 01525-861456 / 862278

or to Leo: / 0`1435-813508

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