JOURNEY ROUND THE WHEEL OF YOUR LIFE – November 2017 – July 2018 Glastonbury

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First year of a two year course

With Leo Rutherford, Howard & Elsa Malpas

One of the experiences that set me on the shamans’ path is a trip in Peru back in 1986 with Alberto Villoldo and Inca/Moche shaman don Eduardo Calderon. This was framed as a journey to the Four Directions and it changed me for good. Ever since I have seen/sensed/felt/lived life from the perspective of and guided by the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is a circle of power and knowledge, a way of understanding life framed in a circle. It teaches of our connection to all things, it shows us our way back to centre, our way home. The medicine Wheel is not a belief system but a way to see life clearly, a series of diagrams to help understand the structure of life and see how one action causes another. It reaches how to steer a good heart-full road through life’s many challenges.

This course will take the form of a journey, first on the Red Road – to the South, (the past, the inner child, the emotional body, water, and the qualities of trust and innocence), and the North (the future, the adult, the mental body, air, and the qualities of knowledge and wisdom,) and second on the Blue Road – to the West (present moment, the inner spirit adult, the physical body, the earth and the qualities of self-knowledge) and the East (timeless, the magical child, the spirit, fire and the quality of personal power).

The journey starts where we are and leads to much greater self knowledge, sense of empowerment, ability to manifest the life we really want to live, and feelings of satisfaction and joy in being the self that we are.

First meeting – The Red Road – starting the journey: The Medicine Wheel beginning with the Four Directions, the Seven of Creation, the Eight of pattern, the Nine of design and choice. Then the Twenty Count and the Star Maiden’s Circle; a Ceremony of Commitment to ourself, the journey and to each other.
2. Your life story to date. The Star Maiden’s Circle – exploring into the stuff that has been governing your life and how to gain freedom from those old false messages, to unstick your life. Trance dance into possible futures.
3. Sweatlodge Ceremony. Looking into grief and joy. Shamanic journeys & Soul Retrieval
4. Intro to the Blue Road. Dance, play and the Magical Child. Psychic development exercises, exploring energy. Trust exercises and other challenges to shift your energy matrix.
5. Re-parenting ceremony. A look at death both the final act of life and the challenge of aliveness versus deadness while alive. Trance dance and journeying.
6. Ceremonies of integration, rounding the circle, Sound bath. Completions, grounding, looking to the future. The Real Laws of Attraction and how to manifest more of the future you really want

That is an abbreviated list of probable happenings! There will be many other ceremonies and experiences as we move along the road of unfoldment.

The course is designed to help you navigate whatever life throws at you. To take you to a place where you have much more power to deal with life and its stuff. As the group bonds and trust develops, so we get to go much deeper. There will be homework assignments and we will set up email/skype sharing so everyone can help each other and continue the group’s process while we are apart.
The second year will include practitioner training.

Glastonbury: November 11-12 / December 9-10 / 2018 – February 10-11 / April 14-15 / May 26-27 / July 21-22 2 day weekends =Saturday 12am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm. 3 day weekends = Friday evenings 7-9pm – Saturday will be 10am – 6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
Venue: Avalon Community Centre, King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX
Booking deposit £70, Instalments by arrangement with Avalon Foundation. / 01458-833933 / 07484-514834. £825 by instalments. 70,  Instalments by arrangement with Avalon Foundation. / 01458-833933 / 07484-514834.   £825 by instalments.
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