event date: November 15th/16th

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November 15th/16th With Leo Rutherford & Juanita Puddifoot In centuries past our ancestors would have many rituals and ceremonies to provide a cleansing/release and safe passage for the departed. This is both to help the spirit and also the community, so that their unfinished business/burdens did not hang around the living, draining energy or adversely […]

New CD – GUIDED SHAMANIC JOURNEYS with hypnotic induction

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  Two Journeys: 1:  Journey  to the Lower World. Down the hollow tree to meet your guides/helpers/power animals and to ask a question.   2:  Journey to Your Sanctuary.  Down the staircase to your sanctuary within which is the Medicine Wheel of Your Life to ask for insight and guidance from your elders.   Each journey […]


event date: October 4th/5th; December 6th/7th; March 2015 tba.

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with Leo Rutherford October 4/5th , December 6/7th and a weekend tba in February or March. This course is aimed at teaching you how to build a sweatlodge, how to build the special fire to heat the rocks, how to conduct the ceremony, and the myriad details which it is necessary to know in order […]


event date: 26th to 28th september 2014

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REMEMBERING A FORGOTTEN ASPECT OF WOMANHOOD Friday Evening 26th to Sunday Afternoon 28th September 2014 With Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston  A Workshop for Women The Enchantress, forgotten and misunderstood, lies within each of us.. She has been banished from our archetypal understanding of the feminine – Maiden, Mother, Crone. She fits in between Mother […]


event date: October 26th: Sunday

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October 26th   Sunday 10.30am – 4.30pm With Leo Rutherford People around whom you tend to lose your cool?  People who manage to make you feel worthless? People who batter your self-esteem and seem to invalidate your very being? We can treat them as Agents of Creation as they push us to see our shortcomings, hone […]


event date: 28th September Sunday.

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  28th September 2014  10.30m – 5.30pm  Sunday With Leo Rutherford, Paul Cerigo & James Mills The May 18th dance was GREAT – so here’s another date! Trance Dance Ceremony is an invitation to step into the heart of your being…. This is a profound movement practice experienced to live percussive music that can initiate a […]


Dec 2014 – March 2015. This course is for women who want to explore for themselves and/or who find themselves in any healing situation with another. You may already be a practitioner of the healing arts e.g. a homeopath, a counsellor, a Dr etc or someone who finds others coming to you for help. The course is for those who wish to explore some of the ancient ways of healing in a modern time either for themselves or to work with others. It is for those seeking new tools and new ways to enhance their practice or to get a practice started and for those who just want to do it!


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By Leo Rutherford
This updated edition of Principles of Shamanism offers an introduction to shamanism, the oldest spiritual path of them all (at least 50,000 years).


event date: 20th to 24th August 2014

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Gifts of the Child Wednesday Eve 20th to Sunday Afternoon 24th August 2014 Residential East Sussex Transforming the Wounded Child to the Magical Child A Workshop for Women with Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston “No harm must come to the Children” This is an ancient saying that comes from a deep knowledge of caretaking for […]

Matridonal Remedies

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Our journey here on to this beautiful planet entails many rites of passage from where we came and to some extent – materially anyway – begins in the womb of our grandmother where we are an egg within the yet unborn foetus, she who is to become our mother, since all female embryos develop all of her eggs whilst she is in the womb of her mother, our grandmother- to-be.