NATURE QUEST (Visionquest) Sussex Woodlands June 13-17th

by Leo Rutherford posted August 28, 2016 category Eagle's Wing News, Workshops & Training Events

NATURE QUEST                   With Leo Rutherford & Phil Greenwood

A nature quest is an opportunity to vigil within the container of nature, to receive nourishment and to seek answers that help support your life.

This is a gentle step towards a Vision Quest, where we will prepare internally and externally a Sacred Space, purify ourselves through sweat lodge, and spend 24 hours in solitude within a natural setting to enable us as individuals to quest and vigil for what we most need in our lives right now.

It is also a time when our cup can be filled and we can witness the wonders of the rhythms of nature as they flow around us as human beings rather than human doings.

This will include a sweatlodge ceremony to prepare us for solo time

Thursday 13th June 3pm onwards until Monday 17th June: 2-4pm-ish

Venue: Sussex woodland location (tbc on booking)    £345Booking: / / 07554-127936                                                         

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