“SHAMANIC JOURNEY & TRANCE-DANCE” Glastonbury June 24th-25th 2017

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Two ways of accessing altered states

With Leo Rutherford  

Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms, healing sounds, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Shamanic journeying takes us inside while the body goes into rest mode. The monotonous beat of the drum enables an opening in our visionary centres. Travelling with specific intent garners our inner being/spirit to give us pictures and feelings to help understanding of life patterns.

Both these methods can take participants on an ‘inner journey’ outside of normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to Trance-Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with effective modern techniques. Often the shaman will begin to enter the trance state through movement and then come to the floor and leave the body to journey.

The Medicine Wheel teaches how the Universe works, how the many forces act on us in our lives and how to live connected to the greater powers. It shows us how to maintain balance and harmony, how to dance our way through peacefully and lovingly in the midst of life’s numerous challenges.

The dance: Cultures from every continent on this planet embraced unique dance forms based on the animals and elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter elemental or animal consciousness, to become the spirit of the sun, moon, or shape-shift into an animal and or plant life. To ‘dance like nature’ was to vibrate at the same rate as Creator, much the same as any newborn child will mimic its environment out of love and appreciation for its existence. Dance was synonymous with prayer, a demonstration of reverence.

Through Trance-Dance and Journeying we disappear into spirit, detaching from life’s ordinary challenges, able to let go and see through and past everyday issues to deeper patterns. Shamans know that all dis-ease originates in the energy matrix of our being and “travel” to the source to effect healing.  For many of us these patterns can lie deeply hidden yet affecting us on every level.  Through these methods participants enter parallel realities where hidden patterns can be experienced and solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems may be accessed.

Trance-Dance & journeying  are magical catalysts for emergence to happen and patterns to shift:

*Develop greater creativity and self-expression *Develop richer connections to your Self, to others and to spirit

*Gain flexibility, vitality, strength, improve body image *Connect with your soul’s purpose*Solve seemingly intractable problems.  * Enjoy greater confidence

June 24-25thDSC02218  Saturday 12 – 8pm / Sunday 10am – 5pm           

Info/booking: Isle of Avalon foundation.    01458-833933 / office@isleofavalonfoundation.com

Venue: Avalon Centre, Glastonbury. £120 / Booking deposit £35

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