The Shaman’s Path june 17th LIVERPOOL

by leo posted December 16, 2016 category Eagle's Wing News, Workshops & Training Events

Ancient ways for modern times

Our ancient roots are in shamanic cultures wherever we live and whatever sort of culture we have grown up in. It is our spiritual heritage. Long before such relatively recent (around 3000 years) concepts as organised religion, humans sought understanding and knowledge of the universe using a variety of experiential ways which are just as applicable today as ever. These practices are still in use in a surprisingly large number of places in the world and many shamans of indigenous cultures and now sharing their ancient wisdom with all comers.

The medicine wheels are stunningly wonderful multi-dimensional maps of the territory of life within the majesty of the cosmos. Medicine wheels have been used for teaching about the cosmos and how it works since antiquity. They teach the natural order of things, of humans’ place in the world and of the deep purpose of life.

This workshop will give participants knowledge of the Four Directions, of the powers of the universe that act upon us, and suggest ways of healing old wounds and finding new vision and purpose.

VENUE AND BOOKING: Rodney Street Therapies Ltd,

39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN. Freephone 0800 093 7702 / Mobile: 07588-563143 /    £75 per day (concession £65) /£135 both days (concession £125)

£135 for both days (unemployed £125)?

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