UNSTICK YOUR LIFE with the Star Maiden’s Circle. November 2018 – Febuary 2019

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Personal Development and Professional Training in Shamanic Therapy.    With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, and Juanita Puddifoot.

Dates:  November 17-18th, December 8-9th, 2019 January 19/20th,  February 16-17th 

Are you in a stuck place in your life?

*Are there emotional hurts that still plague you?

*Do old patterns of behaviour return and upset the life you are seeking to create?

This unique course offers a map of the cosmos and consciousness, and of life’s Great Human journey. It is for people who wish to work in depth with The Medicine Wheel both for themselves and /or as a practitioner.

The Star Maiden’s Circle unravels our life issues, shows us the source of them and guides us to how we can affect change. It shows how we tend to get caught in the powerlessness of chasing our own tail (i.e. self- limiting patterns and habits) and how to become the authority for ourselves, to take responsibility and master our circumstances.

This is path of the hero/ine who challenges demons and conquers for the good of all at whatever risk to self.

This training will directly address these issues through the magical tool of the shamanic Star Maiden’s Circle .

The Twenty Count (also known as the Childrens’ Count) is the foundation Medicine Wheel which describes the structure and evolution of the Cosmos. Medicine wheels teach of the human’s place in the natural order and of the purpose of life. They show the powers that hold the Universe in balance.

The Star Maiden’s Circle sits within it and shows human life process and transformation. Together these wheels relate the greater unfolding cosmological process of Spirit/Energy and the elemental/archetypal powers which govern the Universe to the pressures and opportunities that move a human being, and thus all humanity, through experience of life on earth.

The Star Maiden’s Circle comes from ancient Central American shamanistic teachings and is a map of life in a circular form. It shows the connection of the greater and the lesser and that all are parts of one great unfolding cosmic life process.  

he first meeting will enable all participants to experience the Star Maiden’s Circle for themselves. The subsequent meetings will be a training course in how to use this magical tool with clients in either a one to one or group setting. We will aim to help you learn to feel the powers of the directions within you so the wheel lives for you.

The Aim of this Course is to teach this ancient tool in such a way that participants will be able to use it with clients and incorporate it into their practice. We will be incorporating such teaching tools as shamanic journeying, movement expression and meditation, and we will teach a thorough understanding of the eight points of the wheel so that everyone can feel and embody the directions both mentally and internally.

The method of teaching will help you gain an embodiment of the map and the powers of the eight directions within yourself in a way that takes you beyond just understanding into an instinctual knowing. It will enable you to explore the archetypal energies that underlie human experience and to experience their effect on you as an individual.
We will work with an in depth use of altered states including the shamanic journey, direct experience of the archetypal energies and holding a healing space for yourself and/or your client.

This is a unique course that works with the therapeutic knowledge of the human process as a part of the spiritual/ energetic structure of the Cosmos. This enables a transformation of our isolation and separateness into a recognition of our unity with all existence – from ALONE to “ALL – ONE”.

 Extremely powerful and potent experience. I felt fully trusting with Leo in charge. I would not like to experience this with anyone of a less high calibre in charge. It was amazing and deep.

 I loved Leo’s work and found it very deep, profound and insightful.

 Highly informative, well held, powerful. Moving. 

Venue: Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds, MK45 4BT.

BOOKING: Richarddiss1950@tiscali.co.uk / richard@clophillcentre.co.uk / 01525-861456 / 01525-862278.  www.clophillcentre.co.uk            Further Info: Leo Rutherford 01435-813508 / 07714-333989       £695 by instalments. Booking deposit £200

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