Whispers of the Shaman April 27th

by Leo Rutherford posted February 28, 2019 category Eagle's Wing News

your Relationship with the Heart of Home

Fusion of House Whispering, Sonic Medicine and Shamanism

With Christian Kyriacou and Leo Rutherford

Saturday 27th April 10am to 5pm Kingston upon Thames, Surrey UK

Clarity in Life, Healing or Pure Knowledge of the mysteries of life?

home is the Mirror of your soul. Your inner home (your psyche) and
your outer home where you live are totally linked and reflect each
other. In this experiential workshop, Christian and Leo will guide us
through various simple yet life powerful changing processes.

us for a magical day of inspiring exploration with the Labyrinth of
Life. We explore the hidden reasons of Health, Wealth and
Relationships. Why life may not be going the way we want, and any
reasons for unhappiness.

a light-hearted day, we will explore deep subconscious patterns in
our psyche and illuminate the shadows within.

first and unique workshop of two leading visionaries in their fields.

will focus on:

Shamanism, which is the oldest way humanity connected with the greater reality. The tools of the shamans assist us to liberate ourselves from beliefs and cultural brainwashing. Our outer health and wholeness is an expression of our inner health and holiness. We are here to bring spirit into matter and matter to spirit.

will focus on:

Medicine and House Whispering.

Discover the power of healing through your own voice, sacred sounds, and the magic of gong bath vibrations.

your true relationship to home and learn how you can identify
any issues in life including Wealth, Health and Relationships.
Understand your inner home and find out if it resonates
with your soul purpose, in harmony and alignment with the space in
which you live – an external metaphor of your inner home.

you choose your house, or did it find you?

was your soul originally drawn to the home/place where you currently

is your house trying to say to you?

your home supporting you and your life aspirations?

He will take us into a Visualisation Meditation Process which allows you to see what is really happening in our home. On this journey of self-discovery, illuminating our relationship with home, we will explore why we live where we do, revealing how our matching patterns can support or hinder us in our quest to be truly connected to the heart of home.

Cost for the day £145. A few concession spaces may be available

BOOKING contact Christian on:    christian@thehousewhisperer.tv

Saturday 27th April 10am to 5pm and 5.30-6.30pm  Kingston upon Thames, Surrey UK. Ample free parking.

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