Matridonial Remedies

Beautiful Baby

Working with the matridonal remedies of the Human family

Listening deeply, finding rhythm

by Lorraine Grayston MCPH MARH

Published Autumn 2013 in Homeopathy in Practice

Beautiful Baby

“Our journey here on to this beautiful planet entails many rites of passage from where we came and to some extent – materially anyway – begins in the womb of our grandmother where we are an egg within the yet unborn foetus, she who is to become our mother, since all female embryos develop all of her eggs whilst she is in the womb of her mother, our grandmother-to-be. This one concept alone fills me with wonder and amazement and, unsurprisingly, all of the matridonal remedies contain generational and specifically (though not exclusively) female generational themes.”

Lorraine Grayston

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