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  • stone circle

    Nature Quest May 27th – 31st 2021

    Next date: 27-31 May 2021. Sweatlodge, Visionquest, Sit spots, Flowering tree ceremonies. With Leo Rutherford & Phil Greenwood. We live on the land and we live off the land. However concreted over it may be, we still live on the land of Planet Earth. And however well wrapped in plastic and sanitised it may be, all our food comes from our Mother Earth.

  • Shamanic drum journey

    The Shamanic Drum Journey of Self Discovery, Healing & Soul Retrieval

    Over three weekends during Sept., Oct. and Nov. we celebrate that now both women and men are drummers.
    and offer a space for women to re-connect with this transcending practice.

  • Star Maiden workshop

    Clophill- Journeys Round The Wheel 2021-22 Jun / Aug / Nov / early 2022

    SOUTH – June 10-14th 2021
    Trust & Innocence – The past is the wellspring of the present and holds both the gifts and the burdens we carry forward in our lives.

  • Stonehenge photo by Brooke Bell, Unsplash

    Emerging Woman

    We invite you to join us this weekend in June as we approach Summer Solstice, to be in a women’s circle, to be in and receive from nature and commune with life.

  • Trance Movement Explorations

    With Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul Cerigo and sound healer Ruth Humming Ford.
    Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms and healing sounds, stimulating a trance state that promotes awakenings, mental clarity, emotional well-being and spiritual insights.

  • Astrology & Shamanism, Beyond Belief

    Over the weekend of 14/15th August 2021 Lorraine Grayston and John Wadsworth will explore how our beliefs, as part of a greater paradigm, influence our capacity for health and well-being and how this is reflected in an astrological chart. A course for men and women.