Aspects of the Enchantress Archetype re-membering the Sacred Feminine

Dates: Spring 2021 TBA

This is a new course over one or two weekends that continues to broaden and deepen our experience of the Enchantress Archetype and her connection to the Sacred Feminine.

Not only is she now awakening, she is also very much active in our lives and in the world. She lies deep within each of us regardless of our age.

The rising feminine archetypes, of which the Enchantress is one, are influencing us to look at our connection to the Earth and to nature and to question the status quo and the position of women and encourage our connection with the Sacred Feminine.

We invite you to come and give time to yourself to step into a held and connected space outside of everyday life to connect with this deep wisdom within you, to restore, rejuvenate, energise and inspire you.

The first weekend will focus on:

  • Reflection, harvesting and rest…
  • Your life as an expression of the Cosmos
  • Your Biography as your mythology 
  • Your life’s experience as your greatest teacher

The second weekend will focus on:

  • Being, Moving, Creating…
  • Your Sovereignty 
  • Your Action in the world
  • Your Integrity 
  • Your Beliefs and World views

This is a call to re-member, a call to our natural connection.

All of this is reflected in the movements of the cosmos….Eris, the asteroid, the radical feminine, disruptor of the status quo and challenges what counts as woman/feminine…. 

Ceres, asteroid representing Mother Nature and the growth (and decline of all things) currently reflected in, amongst other things, the movement regarding climate change and connecting with the Earth….

Come join us to re-member, to reclaim this potency of womanhood and our connection to the Sacred Feminine.

Some feedback from our last course:

“This is an exquisite exploration and discovery of the divine feminine, a rite of passage which has filled me with magic, wild passion and a deeper connection within me with my woman spirit. My enchantress has been birthed by the most precious holding of ceremony by Dawn and Lorraine. I want every woman to connect with the inner beauty and empowerment of the enchantress. I cannot thank you both enough. From my heart.”


“Thank you Dawn and Lorraine for holding us so well and coaxing growth. You’ve helped me find those hidden parts with love and warmth.”


“The Enchantress weekends with Dawn and Lorraine have been life affirming and transformative for me. They have allowed and taken me to places within myself previously unsung and neglected. The essence of me has emerged strong, rooted and proud to be a woman.”


Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex
Emerson College is set in the Ashdown Forest with lovely walks and places to “be” in nature.

28/29 March and/or 23/24 May 2020

  • Saturdays  10am to 5:30pm
  • Sundays 10am to 5pm

Registration and Fees – non residential

  • The cost of the first weekend is £180
  • The cost of the full course is £320 for early birds / £360

Early bird discount:

£160 per weekend or £320 for both if paid by 15th February 2020

After February 15th Cost £180 per weekend or to book both £360  to be paid by 1st March

There may be some residential places available booked via Emerson (additional fee payable).

There is also local B&B  

Enquiries & Booking contact Dawn or Lorraine


More on the Enchantress archetype

The Enchantress has been forgotten but she is awakening. She is misunderstood but now we are opening to her and knowing her. She lies deep within each of us regardless of our age.

The Enchantress is the fourth archetype of the feminine cycle of life, she resides in between the Mother and Crone, chronologically being the menopausal transit (right of passage) in our lives.

These four archetypes (maiden, mother, enchantress and crone) show us a cyclic rhythm that is present throughout our lives, just as are the phases of the moon, the seasons and our womb cycles.

As we reclaim our knowledge of her, we reclaim our right to rest, to reflection and to healthy sustenance (on all levels, body, mind, emotional and spiritual) all of which equip us to engage in life with a fullness and wisdom not available to us in the rush and demand of non-stop giving and doing.

The transition between Mother and Enchantress, fullness and release has not been honoured in our recent times. The Autumn part of the life’s creative cycles have so much to teach and guide us. The menopause part of a woman’s life can help us to our own sovereignty and our own knowledge of self and Self. It is from our sovereignty that we get to know our own rhythms and desires, these change in our Enchantress phase of life. It is this knowledge that enables us to relax, to surrender to the deeper flow within us and within life.

When we are in the mother archetype, we are in our giveaway, we sacrifice for others, for our children, the people we work with, the projects we are a part of. In the Enchantress archetype, it’s time to come home to ourselves, to hear what needs attention within, to refill our cup, to find our new rhythms. From this place of fullness and knowledge we are in service (not sacrifice), to ourselves, to others in a very different way.

This archetype is missing and is missed from our families, our communities and our societies. The richness of a woman’s life and experience is not always harvested during the menopause / enchantress time, often this moment is suppressed with drugs and beliefs, avoided because of fear of facing the life we have lived and the regrets that can come with a partially unloved/unlived life. The Enchantress time of life can bring a natural chaos (beyond our control no-matter how we may try to side step it!), a chaos that brings an opportunity for releasing and forgiving, a time of recapitulation and healing, of acknowledgement of the strengths and love that have got us through and brought us joy, so we may move forward with wisdom and knowing, instead of denial. This harvest is great sustenance for women, feeding a healthy maturity in our next phase of life, this in turn feeds a healthy maturity to our family, community and society with a depth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom (something greatly missing from our culture just now).

It is time to honour ourselves and other women as we reach this maturing time in our lives. it is time to honour the part of the creative cycle that is reflective, that drinks deeply of the gifts and lessons of experience.

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