The Medicine Wheel of Petty Tyrants, Zoom

Petty Tyrant Dragon!
Petty Tyrant Dragon!


And how to deal with them, learn from them – even turn them into allies!

Zoom – 5 Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm, May 4th – June 1st 2022

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Antioch U. San Francisco.
Shamanic Practitioner for 35 years

Week 1
The classic triangle of Victim – Persecutor – Rescuer and how one becomes the other.
A Question – Which one is actually in control?

The Square of Dysfunction as described by therapist Virginia Satir – The Blamer, The Placater, The Computer and The Distracter. Could you possibly be one of those?

The Medicine Wheel of Petty Tyrants. All Eight Directions! And specially no 8, by far the Most Important Tyrant in Your Life!

Week 2
Fun and games to play with annoying people! Techniques to see these tyrants off.

Week 3
What we can learn from Petty Tyrants and how we can hone our life skills with their freely available aid!

Week 4
How to use Petty Tyrants to get a Free Workshop on dealing with own egos. They are your teachers sent by Great Spirit! At no financial cost to you!! How to use them to the full!!!

Week 5
The ‘Teacher Tyrant’ assumes the mantle of any tyrant at will to goad the student into waking up! Plus How the world is full of Petty Tyrants and how to make them your Allies and not your enemies.

Pre-requisite: A serious sense of humour is essential for this course!

Leo says…

There has been a surfeit of Petty Tyrants these past couple of years, from Government and downwards – or should that be upwards?? From masks to distancing to lockdowns to ‘vaccines’ to… people telling you what you can and can’t do, where you can and can’t go, shoulds, musts, oughts by the van load – and their companions shouldn’ts, oughtn’ts and mustn’ts. What a life!
My hope is that some self-reflection and some skills may help in making life easier.

5 Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm, May 4th – June 1st 2022.

Further Details: Tel: 01435 813508 or 07714 333989


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