Zoom – The Medicine Wheel – Walking the Four Roads – starts April 21

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 33 years

Weekly 2 hour sessions for 6 weeks,

Wednesdays April 21st, 28th,May 5th,12th,19th,, 26th Time 6pm – 8pm

@£85 early bird / £100 after April 14th **I have made this inexpensive to help spread these teachings so needed at this time.

The Medicine wheel is a multi-layered teaching and there are a multitude of ways of walking the Wheels. This is a 6 part journey which will guide you into this way of comprehending Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Week 1 – ALL ROADS – We take a journey around the Wheel of Your Life, The Great Journey we are all on whether we know it or not, chose it or not, the Big Picture as described by the Medicine Wheel.

Week 2 The “Brown Road”, SE to NW. “The Movie of Your Life”. If a movie was to be made you would be the hero/ine. Who would be the support group, friends/ lovers; who would be the “bad guys” who put you through trials and tests, the small part players etc. What would be the main plot and what subplots would feature? We will explore….

Week 3 The “Red Road” South- North, the road of everyday life, from child to adult. From our ancestry to our inherited patterns/ habits. Gifts and burdens from our ancestors, Re-Parenting ceremony to release and forgive our human parents and to acknowledge Mother Earth and Father Sky as our true parents.

Week 4 The Yellow Road. SW–NE. Petty tyrants, those who push your buttons, show us our weaknesses, irritating, annoying pesky people who push us to go deeper, to learn quicker, to assert ourself, to challenge ourself. Don Juan said to Carlos – ‘Every warrior needs at least one petty tyrant to temper the spirit. If s/he has not got one, s/he should go and seek one!’ (The teachings of don Juan by Carlos Casteneda)

Week 5 The Blue Road, West-East. The Assemblage Point. Quantum physics caught up with the shamans with the understanding that all is vibration/energy, matter is what vibrates within the same frequencies as our body-vehicle. Teachings of the Assemblage Point show how we assemble the vibrations that create our ‘reality’ and how, as we change our state of consciousness, so our experienced ‘reality’ changes.

Week 6 The Blue Road and the Yellow Road. Summary of what we have learned from this exploration. Four essential questions about your life. Some ways of accessing the energy of the “double” or energy body. “Walk of the Wolf” around the Medicine Wheel.

The collective dream of all humans is not a good dream at the present time. We need a new dream, a sustainable dream that is in tune with our planet’s dream. A collective dream starts with individual dreams. Let us gather to create new dreams for ourselves to contribute to the collective dream of all hu-mans.

Info/ Booking: leo@eagleswing.co.uk / 07714-333989

Payment – via bank = L.Rutherford, 20-95-55 / acc 10805963

Via Paypal = paypal.me/eagleswing99

OR – via – www.eagleswing.co.uk (course page)

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