Unstick Your Life! @ Clophill, Beds.

Star Maiden

With The Star Maiden’s Circle

Leo Rutherford & Juanita Puddifoot

Are you in a stuck place in your life?

Are there emotional hurts that still plague you ?

Do old patterns of behaviour return and upset the life you are seeking to create?

The Circle unravels our life issues, shows us the source of them and guides us to potent places where we can affect real change. It show how we tend to get caught in the powerlessness of chasing our own tail, our own limiting patterns and habits, and it challenges us to free ourselves from those patterns and change our future.

This is deep work through our childhood, our emotional body, our past history, our Be-Lie-F’s about it – and its effects upon our present and future life. It is the path of the hero/ine who challenges demons and conquers for the good of all.

Journey of the Shadow
We go round the wheel and experience how the ‘shadow’ holds us in limitation. We examine the human tendency to reinforce what reduces us – until we take back our rights, our personal power over Our-Self, and fully engage with the journey to make our life truly our own,

Journey of the Authentic Self
We journey round the Star Maiden’s Circle a second time. Our Authentic Self – the best of Our Self that we strive to become. The Star Maiden’s Circle teaches the reclaiming of our True Self, our power and rights, fully owning our self – and our Life.

The collective dream of humans is shaking and shuddering at the present time. We need a new dream, a sustainable dream created in mutual exchange of truth and trust that is in tune with our Planet’s Dream. We need Elders with a lifetime of accumulated wisdom to guide us into a new creative, trustworthy, integrated, wise and joyful way of being.

“I have used the Star Maiden’s Circle as part of my practice since 1987.”

Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35 years.

Juanita Puddifoot – International lecturer, professional transpersonal counsellor and trainer.

When & Where:

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th March, 2022
Saturday, 10am – 6pm & Sunday, 10am – 5pm.

At Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds MK45 4BT.
Non-residential but simple residence available at Clophill or local B&B, eco lodges etc.
Book Clophill accom. with Richard Diss – richarddiss1950@tiscali.co.uk / 01525 861456 / 862278


Inner circle £165 / Outer circle (witness) £110 / Booking Deposit £65


Pay the £60 deposit now –

Pay £110 Outer circle now –

Pay £165 Inner circle now –

Further info:

Bring food to share for simple lunches, comfortable clothes for indoor and also outdoor.

Juanita Puddifoot – juanitac@btopenworld.com / 01234 350313 / 07455 269891.

Leo Rutherford – leorutherford@eagleswing.co.uk / 01435 813508 / 07714 333989.

For further details…

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