Zoom course – The Medicine Wheel – Essense of the Shaman’s Path. Sept 22nd 2021

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 34 years

Weekly 2 hour sessions for 5 weeks
Wednesdays starting September 22nd ending October 20th
Time 6pm – 8pm

£75 early bird / £90 laters after Sept 15

Each session will be recorded and available in case you miss it live.

Week 1 – THE STORY OF CREATION. As told through the Medicine Wheel. The Twenty Count – also known as the Childrens’ Count as it was used to teach children how to count. The Big Map of the energies of this world. The Eagle’s View.

Week 2 – From within the Twenty Count comes THE STAR MAIDEN’S CIRCLE. This is the medicine wheel for healing of the past, for what the shamans humourously call “erasing personal history”. This enables creation of a solid foundation for life in the here and now. It is the greatest healing circle for the wounded child and for retrieving soul parts lost in childhood. It shows us the way forward, escape from the cages of our history.

Week 3 – REPARENTING CEREMONY – To release and forgive our human parents and to acknowledge and accept Mother Earth and Father Sky as our true parents. This ceremony follows on from the Star Maiden’s Circle and takes us another step along the road to inner freedom.

Week 4 – FACING DEATH AND MAKING DEATH AN ADVISOR. One thing life will lead us all to is Death. We all get old and there are two ways of old age. We can become an ‘old person’ – or we can become an elder. Old people need, Elders give. It takes work to become an elder and it is good to start early. This subject could be a whole course – in these two hours I will map the territory and set a course toward eldership.

Week 5 – LIFE’S GREAT JOURNEY takes us around the wheel to the South to retrieve energy from past trauma; to the West to face death and make death no longer something to fear; to the North to “Stop the world”, to recognise the world as an energy phenomenon; to the East to clarify the steps to attain self-mastery – and thereby life-mastery.

This is a map of the Great Multi-Lifetime Journey we are all on – whether we like it or not!

I have found the Medicine Wheel maps so incredibly helpful in steering my long life. The world is very challenging at the moment and it feels as if we humans have lost our way. From the shamans’ point of view whatever is happening out there is the play, the drama of life, the ‘dream’ – but what is real is what is within.

Leo Rutherford

Booking: leo@eagleswing.co.uk / 01435-813508 / 07714-333989

The book of the course is “THE VIEW THROUGH THE MEDICINE WHEEL” Obtainable from www.eagleswing.co.uk/shop, direct from me, or Amazon etc or some bookshops.

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm September 22rd – October 20th 2021

£75. Payment:

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