Leo Rutherford: Individual Sessions

Leo says…

“When you come to me for a session, I listen to you and discern what is really troubling you. Sometimes the appropriate medicine is to work with altered states of consciousness and I take you on a journey with the aid of the drum to seek what is out of sight, to access imagery (I-The-Mage!). We call the guidance of ‘Spirit’ – the Creative Source of the Universe – and explore what is influencing you in the world behind our experience of surface reality.

“When we change something in the world of imagery (the ‘dreamworld’ or inner world) this creates change in the everyday world.

“Sometimes it is appropriate for me to take you around the Medicine Wheel of your Life (The Star Maiden’s Circle) so you can get a radically expanded view of what is really happening. From this you will get greatly increased self-knowledge which will bring change to your life.

“My aim is always to help you ‘see’ what is hidden, feel what is buried, suss what you are missing, and hence to help you both heal and expand in consciousness.

“In recent years I have frequently been called on to help in EMERGENCIES. This means a one session endeavour to deal with a deeply pressing problem.

Contact Leo Now:

Tel: 07714-333989
Email: leorutherford@eagleswing.co.uk.