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Recent Articles

  • (Re)Awakening the Power

    Lorraine and Tamsin invite you to explore and reawaken to the healing teachings of Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno. Where they fall in our Natal Chart – our soul blueprint for life – brings the opportunity to incorporate a new level of awareness from their archetypal feminine teachings, offering a deeper understanding of our own emotional response to life.

  • Zoom course – The Medicine Wheel – Essense of the Shaman’s Path. Sept 22nd 2021

    LIFE’S GREAT JOURNEY takes us around the wheel to the South to ‘erase personal history’, retrieve our energy from past trauma; to the West to face death and make death an ally and not an enemy; to the North to “Stop the world”, to recognise the world as an energy phenomenon; to the East to clarify the steps to attain self mastery – and thereby life mastery. This is the map of the Great multi-lifetime journey we are all on whether we like it or not!

  • Trance Movement Explorations. Oct 22nd-24th 2021

    With Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul Cerigo and sound healer Ruth Humming Ford.
    Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms and healing sounds, stimulating a trance state that promotes awakenings, mental clarity, emotional well-being and spiritual insights.

  • Module 2: – Daring to live your fullest – October 27th-31st 2021

    Module 2 (West) Daring to live your fullest with Leo Rutherford & Howard Malpas.
    Mother Earth / Inner Wellness / Aging – Becoming an old person or an Elder.

    This module is focussed on the Earth and our connection to everything physical – in other words, every THING! This includes our own body which is our spirit’s ‘Vehicle of-Experience’ for this life on earth.

  • Shamanic drum journey

    The Shamanic Drum Journey of Self Discovery, Healing & Soul Retrieval

    Over three weekends during Sept., Oct. and Nov. we celebrate that now both women and men are drummers.
    and offer a space for women to re-connect with this transcending practice.

  • Exploring the Magical Child – November 4th – 8th

    Module 3 East – With Leo Rutherford, Ruth Humming Ford & Paul Cerigo East is the realm of fire, of Grandfather Sun, of the fires of Planet Earth, and the fire in the belly of Continue reading…