Trance Movement Explorations. Oct 22nd-24th 2021

October 22nd-24th 2021 | Near Lewes, Sussex

With Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul Cerigo and sound healer Ruth Humming Ford.
Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms and healing sounds, stimulating a trance state that promotes awakenings, mental clarity, emotional well-being and spiritual insights.

Exploring the Magical Child

Weekend of November 5th - 7th 2021

Module 3 East – With Leo Rutherford, Ruth Humming Ford & Paul Cerigo November 5th – 7th 2021 East is the realm of fire, of Grandfather Sun, of the fires of Planet Earth, and the Continue reading…

Shamanic Sound Journeys & Trance Dance

Sunday September 29th 2019

To help people connect their inner and outer worlds, to heal old wounds within, to enable us to bring dreams from the world of spirit into matter and thus enjoy a creative and fruitful life, to ‘dance their dreams awake’.