Exploring the Magical Child – November 4th – 8th

Module 3 East – With Leo Rutherford, Ruth Humming Ford & Paul Cerigo

East is the realm of fire, of Grandfather Sun, of the fires of Planet Earth, and the fire in the belly of each of us.

East is also the realm of the Magical Child part of us that knows no past and no future, is always in the NOW, is fully ‘being’ – and not ‘doing’.

To awaken our Magical Child, our inner fire, we will play with —

Trust exercises and other challenges to shift our energy matrix.

Dance, play and the Magic of improvisation – which pushes us into the ‘NOW’.

Psychic development exercises, exploring energy.

Shamanic Journeying,

Trance dance (Spirit Movement),

Extraction medicine,

Soul Retrieval for the Magical Child.

November 4th – 8th ~ Arrive any time from 4pm, first gathering Thursday evening 7pm. Completion Monday afternoon approx 4pm

At Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds MK45 4BT. £335 per module.

Residence available at Clophill or B&B etc. Food included Sat/Sun/Mon, Bring foos to share for Friday. Booking:richarddiss1950@tiscali.co.uk / 01525-861456 / 01525:- 862278

Further info:- Leo Rutherford – leorutherford@eagleswing.co.uk / 01435-813508/ 07714-333989 www.eagleswing.co.uk

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