With Leo Rutherford and Phil Greenwood

Postponed till March 2021

Morning – Learn and experience how to build a sweatlodge in the way of the plains people of North America.

How to build the special fire to heat the rocks and experience the ancient way, pre matches and lighters, of fire lighting. Learn about the right kind of rocks that can withstand and hold the heat.

Learn about the design of the lodge frame, the materials required such as saplings and firewood, the process of building the lodge and the creation of the altar.

Afternoon – enjoy a real sweatlodge in a lodge you helped to build!

Venue: East Sussex garden tba. Cost incl materials £65

Coyote’s note – This is an outdoor educational day so bring notebooks, pens, outdoor clothing and a student attitude!

Booking:  Leo Rutherford – / 01435-813508 / 07714-333989

Phil Greenwood, Sacred Earth – / 07554-127926 

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