Module 4: Dreaming Our Futures

With Howard Malpas & Leo Rutherford

Module 4 (North) Clarity, Creativity, Manifestation,

October 28th – November 1st 2020

North is the direction of the wind, of air and thought, mind and the intangible, of ideas and mental fantasies, of creativity and projection into the future, of planning and calculating, of all we can do with our great gift of mind.

But mind can also be a burden when we get strung up in the thought realm, envisaging possibilities, disasters, what ‘might’ happen….. Our work will be about healing mind stuff so as to ‘see’ more clearly and live more creatively

We will work with ‘seeing’ the future we wish to experience, both individually and collectively, dreaming our desired futures into being. Toclear the way we will explore extraction medicine and de-possession.

Shamanic journeying, remote viewing, ways of accessing the places of inner knowing…. Intention/ prayer/ manifestation the shamans way. (In the Essene Bible but left out of King James version)

October 28th – November 1st 2020.

Starts Wednesday evening 6pm, ends Sunday approx 4pm.

At Avalon Centre, 1 King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JY. Non-residential , most meals included.

Info/ booking:- Howard Malpas:- / 07977-935633 / / / 01435-813508 / 07714-333989

Cost £370. Booking deposit £100.
Pay £100.00 deposit here:

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