Trance Movement Explorations – action!

Date for 2024 TBC shortly

With Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul Cerigo, and sound therapist Ruth Humming Ford.

In these extraordinary days… The Magic of Dance takes us out of the head and into the depth of ourself and our truth.

Trance Dance is a form of Shamanic Journeying but in which we take the body with us. Guided by live drumming, rhythms and soundscapes, you take your whole self into the journey. This opens doors to new knowledge, enables spiritual awakenings, mental re-connections, emotional re-balancing.

The Magic of Dance takes us out of the head and into the body, into the depth of our Self and our Truth. Free Wild Dance helps us to enter altered states of consciousness, to ‘touch the spirit’, to contact the essence of life and recognise our oneness with Everything-That-Is.

Cultures from every continent on this planet embraced unique dance forms based on the animals and the elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter elemental or animal consciousness, to become the spirit of the sun, moon, or shape-shift into an animal and or plant life.

To ‘Dance like Nature’ is to vibrate like Creator, much the same as any newborn child will mimic its environment out of love and appreciation for its existence. Dance is synonymous with prayer, an expression of reverence.

This is an experiential weekend focussed on accessing the deep inside, on expanded consciousness, and connecting with the natural wisdom of life.

Totally magic – I have been to several sound workshops with Leo, Ruth, Paul and James. All have been inspirational and transformative. When the weekends have drawn to a close it has been beautiful not only to feel the changes in me but to see similar changes reflected in the face of others. Our world seems so full challenges on both personal and global levels. It can be quite difficult to shake off the inertia that so many of us are feeling right now and join a weekend group, but do it anyway – you will be glad that you did!

Richard E.

The Cartlodge, Horam Manor Farm, Horam Village, TN21 0JB.

Saturday 10.30am–6pm, Sunday 10am–5pm.
Bookings for just one day may be possible. 

Bring food for shared lunch and wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you can, please also bring a cushion and/or blanket.

Contact: or

Ruth Humming Ford – / 07961-504243/
£195 standard, £175 supported, £225 gifting.
Booking deposit, £60, BACS Ruth Ford 59568986 / 60-83-71 or
Further info Leo Rutherford. Email: / 01435 813508 / 07714-333989

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