Further Journeys: Connecting with the Land and your Self

August 1st – 5th 2019

Module 2 of second year ‘Journey Round the Wheel’.
Open to all who have done basic shamanic work.
(Not suitable for beginners)

August 1st – 5th.  Thursday afternoon/evening (dinner 7pm) to Monday pm.

Connecting with land and your self – The ‘Blue Road’ – from Physical to Spiritual

With Leo Rutherford & Howard Malpas.
Sweatlodge, Visionquest, Sit spots, Flowering tree ceremonies

We live on the land and we live off the land. However concreted over it may be, we still live on the land of Planet Earth. And however well wrapped in plastic and sanitised it may be, all our food comes from our Mother Earth. The materials for our shelter too, even our very own body-vehicle. In modern life many of us have lost much of our sense of connection to the earth and have forgotten about gratitude for all she gives us. This experiential workshop is about regaining our connections and remembering our gratitiude for this life.

The Earthmother was once admired and worshipped but we have become distanced from her and from natural forces. Hence we have largely lost the emotional and psychological wisdom and healing that our Earth offers us.

The current myth of material ‘progress’ and a gross misunderstanding of the meaning of ‘wealth’, has brought human-Earth relations to a nadir. The loss of the intimate human-earth relationship is the core of a tremendous loss of soul connection which has brought depression and suicide to serious proportions in many ‘developed’ countries. When we are distanced from the natural world, we lose the blessings of the world in our immediate lives.

We will be camping, living close to the earth and close to one another.. We will find our ‘Sit Spot’, do ‘Flowering Tree ceremonies, experience sweatlodge, and spend a night on the mountain questing, This will be backed up by group circle, sharing from the heart, and studies of the medicine wheel and its teachings of balance and harmony.

  • How to – Re-Member your sacred connection to Mother Earth and all Existence
  • How to – Sweat out the old and release yourself from old negative beliefs.
  • How to – Recognise real, permanent, everlasting wealth from the materialist fake.

Practitioner Training:

  1. How to guide others to find their sacred connections.
  2. How to hold ceremonies on the land, call the powers and create sacred circle.


At Brook End Farm, Compton Dundon, Nr Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PR


  • Camping £10 day, yurt or cabin accommodation. Or local B&B.
  • All meals fully catered and included.
  • Arrive Thursday afternoon/ evening, preferably by 7pm for dinner.
  • Depart Monday pm.


£370, Booking deposit £170

Further details and Booking:

Leo Rutherford – leorutherford@eagleswing.co.uk
07714-333989 / 01435 813508 or
Howard Malpas: wariorintheheart@btinternet.com
07977 935633.

For further details…