Glastonbury Journeys Round the Wheel 2021 – mod 4: 2022 dates tba


Early 2022, dates tba. With Howard Malpas & Leo Rutherford

The function of the Northeast is to make certain that all the voices are heard and to call for the vitality and the energy of enthusiasm among the people.

When we truly become designers of our own life, we have achieved a high measure of Self Mastery. The shamanic path in all its variety of ways and means, tools and challenges, is about becoming a Master of Self – and thus a master of life.

We learn our patterns from our ancestors, some just by copying and others are ingrained in the make-up of our body-vehicle. Our Karma is the lessons and experiences we have signed up for on this Earthwalk that we have chosen to experience.

The Northeast is situated between the North and the East. The North says “Make up your Mind” while the East says “Feel into your soul, into your spirit-essence”. We will work between these dichotomies with journeys and other tools to bring clarity.

In Summary – This year takes us a further big step towards autonomous living, towards becoming co-creators of our life experience and manifesting the life we desire.

At Avalon Centre, King Street, Glastonbury BA6 9JX

Non residential. Cost module 4 £370/ £335 repeats

Info/ booking:
Howard Malpas: / 07977-935633.
Leo Rutherford: / 01435-813508 / 07714-333989.

For further details…

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