Glastonbury Journeys Round the Wheel – module 2 – Patterns, Habits and Karma

Trees on the riverbank by Sophia Hayes
Trees on the riverbank by Sophia Hayes

Friday 17th – Wednesday 21st September 2021 At Brook End
With Howard Malpas and Leo Rutherford

Module 2 – Patterns, Habits and Karma

We cross the wheel from Southeast to Northwest following the road from our ancestry and history. We move from childhood across to adulthood and responsibility for our Self. The function of the Northwest is to develop mindfulness of the rhythms and cycles of life and the web of cause and effect that shapes the future.

We, ourselves, are a bundle of impulses, desires, needs, wants, wishes, hopes. Many of us also become a bundle of shoulds, musts, oughts, rules and laws, constrictions and conditions, fears and doubts, and can be riddled with so many we lose touch with our essence. When we are conflicted we also lose power over our self and power to achieve, to make a difference. Ending this conflict helps us greatly to become power-full.

We will get deep into the Cosmic Law 80:20, seeking revelation on what is automatic behaviour and what is truly our conscious choice. This is only too often not what it seems.

Also some outdoor ceremonies about what is real. Some practitioner pre-training on use of challenging revelatory exercises with clients.

At Brook End, Compton Dundon, Nr Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PR.
September 17-21 FRIDAY – WEDNESDAY.

Optional residential – Camping, yurt or cabin accommodation, Or local B&B.

Cost module 2
£370 (Repeats £355)
Booking deposit £100
All meals included.

Residence extra £7 per day or local B&B

Info / booking:
Howard Malpas: / 07977 935633
Leo Rutherford: / 01435 813508 / 07714 333989

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