Medicine Drum at Phoenix Lodge – March date 2024 tba

Music and Dancing

A series of medicine drum evenings at Phoenix Lodge. With Phil Greenwood and Leo Rutherford.

One mare date March 2024 – tba

The core content will be focused on the non-cardinal directions, a powerful piece of Medicine and inner work that helps us and helps us support others…

We move across the wheel, starting in the Southeast and moving across to the Northwest. Then we go Southwest and cross to the Northeast. 

Finally, we reach the Centre.

Date past – 1. Southeast. The realm of Our Ancestors (completed).
We will revisit this at 2 to bring newcomers up to speed

Nov 9th – 2. Northwest. Karma, patterns, habits…. This is where we face what we have, so far, made of the challenges that were passed on to us. Karma means life lessons, individual for each of us. We agreed to this incarnation, at some deep level, so the shamans teach us, and its time to take a good look, sense, feel into how far we have got on our journey to turn enemies into allies, challenges into acceptances, failures into successes.

Dec 7th – 3. We go Southwest, the realm of “dreaming”. Each of us is a ‘dreamer’, we all desire a ‘good life’, a life of our choice. Time to take a look at how much of our dreams we have been able to manifest into life experience.

Jan 11th – 4. With the conscious choice to cross the wheel to the Northeast, we take stock of how the design of our life fits the life we seek to design. We check how much of our life really is OUR design and question are there other forces that have influenced some of our choices.

March date tba – 5. We come to the Centre of our wheel and take a good look at all four directions and where our work has brought us so far. We set the direction of the next thrust of our life.

Alongside this we will build our relationship with drum, voice, movement that all helps build the container and allows us to step from the small room (the everyday physical mind, small matters, everything that man has created in second creation/trickster god) into the big room (expanded consciousness, awareness and in touch with first creation/All That Is and the Spirit that moves in all things)

Timings: 7pm – 10pm
One more date – March 2024 tba. The Centre of the Wheel.

Where: Chestnut Spirit Meeting House at Phoenix Lodge
Horebeech Lane, near Horam, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ.

£55 session.
Book for all 4 remaining @ £145.

How to Pay: 
Please pay via BACs to Sacred Earth Communities Ltd.
Sort code: 089299 / Acct no: 65824768

Or buy online here:

One session, £55.00.

For further information:

Please call Phil Greenwood on 07554 127926
Or email

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