The Shamanic Way of Psychotherapy

Friday October 18th 2019
Existential Academy, London
10am – 4.30pm

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for over 30 years

The first therapists were the tribal medicine people, now called ‘shamans’. Their prime task was to keep the tribe/ village ‘In Spirit’, inspired, enthusiastic, balanced, harmonious. They were spiritual leaders and healers and they worked physically, psychologically and spiritually (which they consider not separate) with those individuals and families who became unwell and out of harmony, to restore them to balance.

The ‘Star Maiden’s Circle’ is a medicine wheel that shows a way of therapy that is grounded in the Four Directions, connected to the building blocks of life. It works in two circles, the first, known as the ‘Circle of Foxes’ shows how we can chase our own tail and keep repeating patterns and habits that do not serve us. The second circle shows a way out of the stuck place, how to take back our power, our right to be the designer and choreographer of our own life.

Shamans knew that all sickness begins with loss of spirit connection. Unless this is healed it goes into the mental/ emotional realm. Likewise, if that is not healed, the sickness gets expressed through the body. Shamanic work is holistic and transpersonal and is connected to our mother, the earth, who sustains us and provides everything for our life.

This workshop will give you new ways to understand your self and your life and new ways to identify and deal with the challenges that life sends you.

Existential Academy, 61-63 Fortune Green Road, London NW6 1DR. 10am – 4.30pm

Email: / / 0207 435 8067 / 0203 740 3292

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