Trance Movement Explorations – Postponed

Postponed but we will find a date soon as possible.
Nr. Lewes

With Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul Cerigo and Sound therapist Ruth Humming Ford, Phil Greenwood

Trance-Movement is similar to Shamanic Journeying but with your whole body. With driving drumming rhythms, you take your whole self into the journey. This brings revelations and new knowledge to life’s situations and enables spiritual awakenings, mental re-connections and emotional re-balancing.

The Magic of the dance takes us out of the head and into the body, into the depth of our Self and our truth. Dance helps us to enter altered states of conciousness, to ‘touch the spirit’, to contact the essence of life and recognise our oneness with Everything That Is. Cultures from every continent on this planet embraced unique dance forms based on the animals and elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter elemental or animal consciousness, to become the spirit of the sun, moon, or shape-shift into an animal and or plant life.

To ‘Dance like Nature’ is to vibrate at the same rate as Creator, much the same as any newborn child will mimic its environment out of love and appreciation for its existence. Dance is synonymous with prayer, an expression of reverence.

This is a study weekend on altered states, on expanded consciousness, and on the application of deep wisdom in life.

“Wow! What a difference 2 days can make. So much gratitude for the Trance Dance Weekend, Leo. Major shifts and cutting of seriously stuck, unwanted cords. I’ve returned with my mojo fully back intact, feeling ‘enough’ & raring to go – whoopeeee! No longer utterly depleted, even the hospital visit tonight couldn’t sap my euphoria. Ecstasy without drugs – – !”

“…. want to let you know that since I have met you I actually feel Like I have something to offer the world and I knew that you would make me face myself and teach me all the things that I have ran away from. Thank you so much Leo for giving me the space to start to heal my wounds which run right through to my soul and are the foundation of my teaching.”

Trance-Dance is a magical catalyst for emergence to happen
and patterns to shift.

Venue: Countryside venue Near Lewes.

  • Saturday – Intro to Trance Dance
  • Sunday – Trance Dance Explorations

Weekend – £140
Single day – £75

Contact Leo Rutherford
01435 813508 / 07714-333989

Phil / 07554-127926


Full Weekend:

Single Day:

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