Zoom course – The Medicine Wheel

Teachings of the Energies of Life

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 33 years.

Wednesdays February 24th – March 31st, Time 6pm – 8pm GMT

Weekly 2 hour sessions for 6 weeks

£85 early bird / £100 after 17th February. **I have made this inexpensive to help spread these teachings so needed at this time.

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Each session will be recorded and available in case you miss it live.

Week 1 – THE VIEW FROM ABOVE. Creation stories, the Twenty Count, the overview. The Big Map of the energies of this world.

Week 2 – THE VIEW FROM BELOW. Medicine wheels of the four directions, of the earth, of the nuts and bolts of life. The nitty gritty energies of this world and how to deal with them joyfully.

Week 3 – THE SOUTH DIRECTION. The element of water, the past, our personal history. THE STAR MAIDEN’S CIRCLE medicine wheel, the greatest healing circle for the wounded child and for retrieving soul parts lost in childhood.

Week 4 – THE WEST DIRECTION. The earth, the rocks, stones, crystals, all that, to us, is solid matter but to spirit is a ‘dream’. The interface of the ‘dream’ and ‘reality’.

Week 5 – THE NORTH DIRECTION. The wind, the animal kingdom, the mind and the future. Knowledge and wisdom on the one hand and beliefs (Be…Lie…f’s) and bullsht on the other. How we use our mind to make reality the way we perceive it.

Week 6 – THE EAST DIRECTION. Fire, spirit, core essence, vitality, life force, personal power to create our own life, The Twenty Count revisited.

I have found the Medicine Wheel maps so incredibly helpful in steering my long life. The world is very challenging at the moment and it feels as if we humans have lost our way.
From the shamans’ point of view whatever is happening out there is the play, the drama of life, the ‘dream’ – but what is real is within.

The book of the course is ‘THE VIEW THROUGH THE MEDICINE WHEEL’ Obtainable from direct from me at eagleswing.co.uk/shop or Amazon etc.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch: leo@eagleswing.co.uk.

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