Zoom – Ageing and The Medicine Wheel: On becoming an Elder or an old person?

Leo Rutherford MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 34 years
Leo Rutherford MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 34 years

February 16th – March 23rd 2022

The Medicine Wheel maps our journey of ageing.

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35years, Ninth decade of life experience!

In ancient cultures, elders were revered for their wisdom, today they are more likely to end up in old age homes.

Week 1

Ageing is an inescapable part of life. But HOW we age is up to us. This course is about creative ageing, keeping our purpose alive, our spirit connection, Here is a different way of looking at the stages of life:

South – Birth to 27 years, Spiritual Childhood. By 27 we have, hopefully, accumulated enough life-knowledge, though challenges, knocks, successes, failures to make the transition to….

West – 30-54 Spiritual Adolescence. We begin to take serious responsibility for our Self and make our way in the world. In the process we (hopefully) accumulate enough knowledge and sound wisdom to take us to….

North – 57-81 Spiritual Maturity. This is the time of our greatest offering to the world, our highest active contribution to the collective, when we mature into a balanced and integrated Hu-Man (Divine Mortal). That is a necessary step to….

East – 84 until death – we become the Wise Elder. As we naturally begin to retreat from outer life to inner, we have accumulated a lifetime of experience to enable us to be a guide and helper to the younger.

Week 2

Everything that is born – dies. Death of the old brings new life. We examine death it in two ways in deep meditation. Will we prepare for our death or will we let it come on us in the way it took our ancestors? We live in a death-phobic culture and will examine evidence of a religious council that took place in AD 552 for the likely origins of this phobia.

Week 3

We are children of Who? What? A deep look into just who and what we really are, what this life experience is really about, what will be taking our attention when we are on our deathbed, what is actually important to us from that perspective.

Week 4

The Seven Laws of intention/ attraction/ gratitude. A journey through our life so far, to accept and release our successes & failures, joys & hurts, wise & stupid actions, loving & hating emotions, ego driven & unconditionally loving moments.

Week 5

What it means to be an elder. Your life is no longer about you, it is about who you serve, about what you give, it is about what spirit wants from you, what deep intuition, imagination, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom you can bring through you to assist others, the unfoldment of the collective of humanity.

Week 6

Right of Passage into Elderhood. A ceremony to call ourself towards Elderhood, to set in motion an inner movement towards becoming the person we, from our deepest inner place, seek to be. So, at death, that is who travels onward…..

Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can tune in to it in your own time.

The collective dream of all humans is shaking and shuddering at the present time. We need a new dream, a sustainable dream created in mutual exchange of truth and trust that is in tune with our planet’s dream. We need Elders with a lifetime of accumulated wisdom to guide us into a new creative, trustworthy, integrated, wise and joyful way of being.




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