Zoom – The Medicine Wheel, Eight Directions of The Star Maiden’s Circle

Nov 10th – Dec 15th 2021

Healing our shadow.

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 34 years

Wednesdays November 10th – December 15th 7pm – 9pm 2021.

  1. Journey of the Shadow – around The Star Maiden’s Circle. We go round the wheel and experience how the ‘shadow’ holds us in limitation. We examine the human tendency to reinforce what reduces us – until we take back our rights, our personal power over Our-Self and fully engage with the journey to make our life truly our own.
  1. Southeast and South. “Erasing” Personal history, how we were formed, our origins and left over traumas. We look deeply into our ancestors and what they taught us, working to heal the effects of the past on the present – coming more and more into the Here-and-Now
  1. Southwest and West. Our body and it’s messages, so important because the body doesn’t lie. Interpreting body states. ‘Dreamer’ or ‘dreamed’? Whose ‘dream’ are we living and what we are we called to change. The power of intent, conscious or not.
  1. Northwest and North. The wind, the mind. Do we use our mind or does it use us? Patterns, habits, addictions, the burdens we inherited from our ancestors. And the gifts we inherited. The Cosmic Law of 80:20 and its teachings. Our connection to All-Below. Our Karma, the lessons we came to earth to learn.
  1. Northeast and East. Fire, Spirit, Origins. Our vitality, life force, our presence in life. The inner fire which pushes us out to experience – and learn. Our connection to All-Above, opening to spirit nudges, intuition, inner wisdom. Design and choreography of our life – Am I the designer of my life or is it parents, teachers, culture, peer group, religion, social norms, others’ expectations? Deeply into this important challenging question.
  1. Journey of the Authentic Self. We journey round the Star Maiden’s Circle a second time. Our Authentic self – the Best of Our-Self that we strive to become. The Star Maiden teachings on reclaiming our True Self, our power and rights, fully owning our Self – and our Life.

The book of the course is ‘SHAMANIC PATH WORKBOOK’ available online here, direct from me, or Amazon etc or some bookshops.

The collective dream of all humans is shaking and shuddering at the present time. We need a new dream, a sustainable dream created in mutual exchange of truth and trust that is in tune with our planet’s dream. A collective dream starts with individual dreams. Let us gather to heal from bad dreams of the past so we can create new healthy dreams for the future which contribute to the collective unfoldment and betterment of all hu-mans.

Six Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm November 10th – December 15th 2021

Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can tune in in your own time.

Booking: leo@eagleswing.co.uk / 01435-813508 / 07714-333989


Or via Paypal = paypal.me/eagleswing99.

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