Shamanic Journeying workshop

Sunday 15 March 2020. 10.30am-5.30pm With Leo Rutherford The Shamanic Journey takes participants on an ‘inner journey’ outside of normal perceptions of space/time. Shamans know that all dis-ease originates in the energy matrix of our Continue reading…

Making Friends with Death

Module 2 (West) for 2020 Daring to live your fullest. May 13-17th With Leo Rutherford & Howard Malpas Sweatlodge, Sit spots, Flowering tree ceremonies This module is focussed on the Earth and our connection to Continue reading…

Dreaming Our Futures

Dreaming Our Futures is the final module of 4 for 2020. October 28th – November 1st. With Howard Malpas & Leo Rutherford. Clarity, Creativity, Manifestation

The Shamanic Drum Journey of Self Discovery and Healing

Autumn/Winter 2019.

A course for women. The aim of this course is to teach the contemporary use of the Shamanic drum journey for yourself and others. We will be working with the gift of the drum journey and will work in-depth with the practise of journeying with a hand held drum. The journey drum is often known as the Shaman’s horse, which enables us to ride the resonances of the drum to places deep within our energy being and connection, where we are able to communicate with, receive from and affect the energies of our lives.