Spirituality vs. Religion: Freedom vs. Control

Spirituality Versus Religion
Spirituality Versus Religion

For all who seek truth beyond church/bible dogma….

A stark expose of the problems we humans have brought upon ourselves with the adoption of the Abrahamic male-monotheist separate ‘God’ and the abandonment of the more ancient and balanced animist/shamanist holistic knowledge.

This book contrasts these two radically differing world views: The shamanic world view of indigenous cultures in which everything is seen and felt as alive with soul and the male-monotheist world view which teaches that only humans have souls and the other kingdoms are here for us to use and abuse.

Male-monotheism brought the concept that humans are all-important; that the other kingdoms are here at our disposal; that we are the top of the tree and everything else is here to serve us; that the Great Mother Planet Earth is just a rock in space for us to use and abuse. The current ecological disaster that is unfolding follows on from the adoption of this false ‘God-Chap’ and we need to change this upside down world view so as not to doom ourselves to an early demise. It is time to give the Eternal Mother back her rightful place in the Trinity of Existence and restore balance between the forces of ying and yang.

Religion vs. Spirituality

  • Belief in One God vs. Trust In the Mystery of Existence
  • God Is Separate vs. God Is Everything Everywhere
  • Set of Beliefs vs. Tools to Discover Knowledge
  • God is good, devil is evil vs. Good/evil are two aspects of Creation
  • Bible is the word of God vs. Bible is the myths of men
  • Masculine dominant vs. Feminine/masculine in balance
  • Jesus – only Son of God vs. Jesus – mythological figure

Published by CreateSpace, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-1461007944 ISBN-10: 1461007941

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