‘Alchemy in Movement’ – Trance Dance

Alchemy in Movement with Leo Rutherford, multi-instrumentalist Paul, Sound therapist Ruth Humming Ford and James Mills.

  • 16th to 18th February, 2024 – Deep Winter Shake & Dance
  • Also 15th to 17th March , 2024 – Alchemy in Movement Equinox Celebration

Laughton, near Lewes, East Sussex

Get ready to experience another transformative weekend of Trance Dance as we enter into Spring planting seeds of profound Love.

Alchemy in Movement invite you a Trance Dance Weekend where we practice transformation, growth and change through movement to live music. 

Leo and the Team offer a safe place creating a village, opening an opportunity of planting seeds with deep love that connects to a journey to our authentic selves. This time of year can be considered as a gateway from the quiet Winter dream time into the first stirrings of Spring offering a letting go to create space for new beginnings.

The Magic of Dance takes us out of our heads and into our bodies, into the depth of ourself and our truth. As Winter retreats into it’s depth and the Plant Kingdom mulches deep below the surface, so we dance deep within, reaching into our deepest centres …..

Shaking Medicine, as practised by the Bushmen of Africa, invites us to shake out the craziness and raise our energy levels.

“Wow! What a difference 2 days can make. So much gratitude for the Trance Dance Weekend, Leo. Major shifts and cutting of seriously stuck, unwanted cords.”

Dance takes us into altered states, to ‘Touch the Spirit’ of the sun, moon, animal or plant. In this way we contact the essence of life and experience our Oneness with All-That-Is. To dance like nature is to vibrate with Creation.

“What a wonderful weekend! Incredibly empowering, healing and enlightening. As my first time this made a deep impression. I would recommend this to everyone. I have a fair amount of experience of life however this was something new, something amazing and important.
Thank you Leo, Ruth, Paul and James.”


“…. want to let you know that since I have met you I actually feel Like I have something to offer the world and I knew that you would make me face myself and teach me all the things that I have run away from”.

Trance Dance is a magical catalyst for patterns to shift and emergence to happen.

Shawfield Complex, Laughton Lodge,
Common Lane, Laughton, near Lewes. BN8 6BY

16th – 18th February, 2024
Also 15th – 17th March, 2024

Fridays, 7pm – 9pm
Saturdays, 10am – 6pm
Sundays, 10am – 5pm

Further details:
Leo Rutherford
Email: leorutherford@eagleswing.co.uk,
Tel: 01435 813508 / 07714 333989

Dancing shoes or feet! Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Food for shared lunches
Ideally bring a cushion and blanket.

Some accommodation:
@ £15-£30 per night (must be pre-booked)
Or local Air B&B etc.

Ruth Humming Ford
Email: ruth@talkingtree.co.uk, Tel: 07961 504243
Each weekend: £185 supported, £225 standard, £250 gifting.

Deposit of £60 https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/hummingruth/60.
BACS: Ruth Ford – 59568986 / 60-83-71 / (Ref- February dance)

Book February or March Weekend Online NOW:

February 2024March 2024
Weekend event. £225.
Weekend event. £225.
Weekend event. Gifting £250.
Weekend event. Gifting £250.
Weekend event. Supported £185.

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