Eagle’s Wing Testimonials

Eagle’s Wing practitioners have had much feedback over the years

Here are just some of the testimonials we have received:

Dawn and Lorraine

My recent experience with the practitioner training has been full and wonderful in many ways. It is giving me the confidence to step out, offer and share this work with others.

You both held the space for me to learn, grow and practice safely in a light and non judgemental way. You helped me to trust that what I feel or sense with the energy is right in the moment!

I recommend this training to anyone who wishes to simply work with themselves, with loved ones, friends or clients. You will be held beautifully by these two inspiring women.

I am looking forward to continuing on this path allowing myself to now ‘feel fuller in myself’ everyday.

Much love Sally x


500 hours of therapy were not able to let me see as clearly of feel as deeply the wounds of the past. My healing has finally begun and I am ecstatically happy about this.


My experience working with Dawn and Lorraine way surpassed my expectations. This was deeply healing, meaningful and transformational work held in a beautiful space of loving gentleness. Both Dawn and Lorraine bring wisdom, experience and massive love to all that they do. I feel truly blessed to have been part of their wonderful journey. This work will stay with me forever.


“If you are looking for a team, a place, to help you feel the Beauty of Life
that you’ve grasped somehow without beeing able yet to express it completely,
this is the training to join!
If not ready to reconsider “reality” and the mundane stuff, careful ’cause you
might loose your hat!
Eagle’s wing Team : Dawn Lorraine Leo (or whatever way you put it) are totally
present to help us beeing at the right place at the right time.
Love and compassion are the masterpieces of their work and souls. By sharing it
with me during this winter training, you considerably helped me recover my
health and body-energy (in a terribly bad state when I met you).
And most of all : thank you for bringing me back to Life…
Soazic K. Brittany France april 2013 “


You receive this email because since April 2009, we have shared some very
sacred moments. Together we danced, sweated, dreamt, chanted/sang, called
the powers of directions, light fire, performed ceremonies, changed in the
cauldron, connected with our ancestral energies, remembered the stories of
the creation, sat around the star maiden circle, listened to drums (with the
thousand voices), shared fear and hopes, benefited from the medicine of the
wheel, journeyed into the other realms and much more . . . . We laughed,
cried and opened our hearts. Thanks for this priceless safe space to “be”.
I feel comfortable to be “myself” with each and everyone of you, much more
comfortable than some of my old friends of 30 years or so.

Thank you very much for holding such a powerful, transforming, reflective
and potent space to safely/gently assume our spiritual, emotional, physical
and intelectual powers.

I would like to express my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Leo, Dawn
and Lorraine (in the order that I have had the pleasure and honour of
working with). I love you. Thank you ever so much for creating an inspiring
environment for this Work.


I did the Earth Child Workshop with Dawn, Lorraine and Leo in July 2011.
It made me look at aspects of myself and my behaviour that I hadn’t before, and I discovered unexpected answers in unexpected places.
Since the course ended, I have felt much more happy with who I am and where I’m going with my life. I have much more confidence in myself, as well as more compassion when I’m not feeling so great.
I would definitely recommend this workshop if you have long-standing issues/ fears that you have been unable to reach in other ways.


Dawn and Lorraine, it was wonderful to be with you both, with your beautiful energy and holding.
Having not been in deep Shamanic ritual for a while, so it was very important for me.
Both as an alchemical process of being together with nature and in my nature, and as a moment of self reflection on where I am with shamanic work, how it sits in me and how it has changed my nature


I had a wonderful time with you both and all the women who came; the weekend was a great catalyst for movement and insight that will, no doubt, continue ringing bells for all of us for a long time to come. I especially loved the singing and drums and ceremony!


I offer my gratitude to you both for all of your hard work this weekend and for sharing so much of your gifts and yourselves with us. You held such a safe, loving and supportive environment for us to find our courage and our own way. I wanted to say so much to you both yesterday during the farewell but couldn’t find the words so I am trusting that you will know anyway.


My heart is full of gratitude, first of all to Helen for knowing that I needed to do this work and introducing me to Eagle’s wing, to Martin for being my constant companion on the courses and becoming my friend, to Chris for being my mentor and jay for liking me when I was not being ‘nice’
I understand that we heal ourselves and help facilitate the process of others healing themselves, but to be held as safely and profoundly through that healing process by such powerful sentinels as Dawn, Lorraine and Leo is a rare and beautiful thing.
Thankyou to all those who have witnessed my pain, tears, rage, love, laughter, sillyness, crazyness, stupidity, wisdom and the rest!
much love


Feeling a lot more full of myself, grounded, connected, supported and capable. Huge deep gratitude again for the work and space you create. You have enabled me to change and actually be alive again. The effects of this for my children, my life, are immeasurable.
Ho, to you, Lorraine and Leo. The world is by far a greater place to be in because of you and the work you do.
Love xxx


Hi Guys,
Tried to avoid stepping back into the asylum but it was inevitable.
Found myself singing the chants in the car on the way to work without realising.
Despite having a meeting this morning, I blew it off and spent most of my time speaking with a good friend of the incredible time I’d just spent with some wonderful, strong, beautiful people in a place of serenity and understanding.
Long may we continue to follow our true paths.
In all of our journeys, know that I am always happy to share your tears and your joy as your friend.
My love to you all.


Dawn, Lorraine and Leo
Thank you again, you are so good, and you are beautiful and big-hearted,
working with you is a joy.


To the Wonderfully Wyrd Witches and Wizard of Eagle’s Wing
I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed and appreciated the mixture of your medicines, it worked for me!
I had been lost lately, wondering in the wilderness and the weekend brought me back to myself.
I feel a bit like the prodigal daughter but now I,ve found my way home again thank you.
The way you hold space with such integrity, skill and respect is inspirational and i love the way you all honour and serve the medicine in your unique ways. You really do walk the talk.
You guys rock.
With love and appreciation


Dawn and Lorraine
I had a wonderful time with you both and all the women who came; the weekend was a great catalyst for movement and insight that will, no doubt, continue ringing bells for all of us for a long time to come. I especially loved the singing and drums and ceremony!
With all my thanks


Dawn and Lorraine
Good Morning Enchantresses Extraordinaire!

So here I am back in ‘real life’. I’m sitting at my desk at work in body only whilst my mind free flows through the experiences of the weekend. My body feels brand new and unfamiliar. A little like looking the wrong way through binoculars or that ‘new girl at school’ feeling. Fire medicine and snake medicine still feel present and this is comforting.

I offer my gratitude to you both for all of your hard work this weekend and for sharing so much of your gifts and yourselves with us. You held such a safe, loving and supportive environment for us to find our courage and our own way. I wanted to say so much to you both yesterday during the farewell but couldn’t find the words so I am trusting that you will know anyway.
In love & gratitude.


Thank you to Dawn and Lorraine for your amazing amount of care, patience and energy in running such a wonderful retreat, I’m feeling a really deep sense of well-being.


What a wonderful weekend, thank you! I think the work you do, the medicine you share, is so precious.


Over the past 5 years I’ve trained with Eagle’s Wing on both residential and non-residential courses. The content of each of these courses was delivered by internationally renowned teachers, in a fun, sensitive way and the learnings have been immense. The positive, useful nature of what Eagle’s Wing teach cannot be underestimated. I’ve found these can be applied to handling the everyday stresses of life with ease and contribute towards a positive mental attitude, improved confidence and a happy (depression-free) outlook. Everyone comes away from these courses feeling and looking visibly energised.

Kathleen Carter

A precious weekend spending time with you all, sweating, dancing, talking, eating, deepening connection….thank you all for your wonderful support and sharing of heartfelt stories and journeys.
A huge thank you.


Dear Leo, Lorraine and Dawn
I would like to say that it was such a pleasure meeting you all and working with you during the Earth Child retreat. It has been frequently in my thoughts since, and I feel it has been a very important step forward for me on my path. I thought you all worked so beautifully together and I gained something very special from each of you. I cannot tell you how touched I felt for your efforts to help me through difficult moments and assisting me in seeing things that I was not aware of. The process began with you all and continues on its way


Thanks for the amazing weekend. This morning I have abandoned all my marking and written up my journeys. Sunday’s dance was incredible as I went to so many different worlds including the fairie one, where I’ve never been before! They were all dancing there.
You and Dawn did a wonderful job and everyone seemed to get what they needed.


Lorraine, Leo and Dawn,
Just to say thank you to you all for holding such a stunningly potent, beautifully safe and magically transforming space. There’s nowhere else i know where it’s possible to truly release not just years but generations of trauma, restriction and pain.
I had no idea how powerful my wounded child was – she wanted her mum and dad and nothing else would do. she had the weight of generations of women and men behind her, women and men who have been afraid to step into their power, of being seen to be powerful, afraid of the responsibility that comes with, power, with stillness, action and freedom.
and for a long time their voices were stronger than mine, and the wounded child reaked havoc in my life.
but over these 5 days I was able to release the need for my birth mother and father and to release as much of the pain, guilt and shame held in my body around my story as I was able.
In so doing, I found my voice, my power, my stillness, my true mother and father and my spirited, creative, sweet magical child.
It’s a life journey, but for me this fabulous course was a major turning point, the point where I start to build my life on a healthy foundation of love and care, giving and receiving, self respect and fulfilment So I thank all of you courageous, special, beautiful soul sisters and brothers for following your hearts and coming together to create such superb magic!!!
……. all of you always were and forever will be in my heart. ho!! in love


Dearest Leo & Dawn
Greetings to you both, and thank you so much for a wonderful three days.
I take from the whole experienced a renewed sense of the sacred connection of all. that I am back in my seat of power, and a fresh sense of adventure to renew my quest to continue to polish the inner jewel through shamanic practice, my visions affirmed to me that I an connected to all times, all Places, all Space, and all Knowledge.
May beauty walk before you and behind you until we meet again


Hi Leo!
I just wanted to say how very grateful i am to have such a wonderful teacher as you. I have experienced a lot of teachers who misuse and abuse their power.
But you are a beautiful breath of fresh air. So full of wisdom and knowledge and the way you guide, support, love and encourage your students is really special.
You are a gift. Thank you!
I had another incredible weekend with you, filled with so many insights and blessings. Thank you!


Hi guys, what a superb – although challenging week-end, so I thank you all.
Till next time….


Hello, I just wanted to send a little note to say how much I valued last weekend.
I didn’t say anything but I really did take part, and really heard some key things for me, and really felt the energy moving in me as well as seeing it flash across the room: amazing medicine, this work… the weekends are definitely lawnmower-esque for me, and I’m loving the difference this work is making to me in my life as well as all my interactions with others… plus some interesting challenges too of course, but at this point I’m even enjoying noticing the resistance in me to some things. Mega and fab!
Much love x


I am writing to thank you for the work you do.

I have been coming for various courses for a couple of years. I am astonished at the variety of techniques, courses and the depth achieved at each workshop. The array of skills and the depth of experience available at Eagles Wings is rare and renders it all the more precious.

No other therapy (to my knowledge) covers as much ground in the realm of psycho-emotional healing. It is truly special and in some cases it saves people’s lives, preventing self harm or harming others.

The work enables people to make several turn-arounds in their life and helps them to save themselves from deep despair over time. 

For my part I started this therapy because I was developing chronic fatigue. I was physically unable to be awake more than 5 hours a day, I was 38 years old at the time. After repeated consultations at the GP and several blood tests showing that nothing was wrong with my body, I was finally diagnosed with mild depression. I have got to say that the NHS’ leaflet on ‘How to manage anxiety’ and the patronising approach from the mental health nurse did not help my predicament one little bit.
 Chronic fatigue affected me but it was also a burden to my husband and family. It ruined social interaction at every level. I was too tired to listen, to discuss, to decide. I was slowly removing myself (unconsciously) from the world through fatigue.

 So I turned to alternative solutions to deal with my problem on the psycho-emotional level. And this how I came across your work. 
Through it I have been able to identify repetitive patterns in my life, I could work out the basis of my ill health. The work is on-going but I have recovered to a state now where I can play a part in my daily life and interact with the people involved in a normal way. 
I cannot imagine what I would have become if I had not had the possibility to try this work.

 Thank you to all of you for your dedication to such work enabling one to rebuild oneself and filling the gaps ignored by western medicine.

Yours Sincerely


Dear Leo
While it is still so fresh in my heart and mind, I wanted to say one more ‘thank you’ for such an incredible journey of discovery last weekend.
After sharing in one of your sweatlodge ceremonies, I had no doubt that there would come along another opportunity to work with you…as with all things of nature, the time arrived! Reading the workbook is extending the experience and there have certainly been a few curve balls to navigate since!
It really was an honour to be in such a space with you and learn so much about us all.
Blessings and smiles


Dear Leo
Many thanks for the insight you shared today. I didn’t know how anyone could help, but you did!
Love from