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  • Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash.

    Astrology & Shamanism, Beyond Belief

    Over the weekend of 14/15th August 2021 Lorraine Grayston and John Wadsworth will explore how our beliefs, as part of a greater paradigm, influence our capacity for health and well-being and how this is reflected in an astrological chart. A course for men and women.

  • Shamanic drum journey

    The Shamanic Drum Journey of Self Discovery, Healing & Soul Retrieval

    Over three weekends during May, June and July we celebrate that now both women and men are drummers.
    and offer a space for women to re-connect with this transcending practice.

  • Oak tree on riverbank by Sophia Hayes

    Aspects of the Enchantress Archetypal Energy

    Over three weekends we reclaim our knowledge of the enchantress, we reclaim our right to rest, to reflection and to healthy sustenance (on all levels, body, mind, emotional and spiritual) all of which equip us to engage in life with a fullness and wisdom not available to us in the rush and demand of non-stop giving and doing.

  • Zoom course – The Medicine Wheel

    I have found the Medicine Wheel maps so incredibly helpful in steering my long life. The world is very challenging at the moment and it feels as if we humans have lost our way. From the shamans’ point of view whatever is happening out there is the play, the drama of life, the ‘dream’ – but what is real is within.

  • Further Journeys Round the Wheel 2021 – module 1

    Module 1 – ANCESTORS, OUR HISTORY, ORIGINS Postponed. With Leo Rutherford & Howard Malpas While the cardinal directions are the holders of energy, the non-cardinals are the ‘movers’, the directions that give us the power Continue reading…

  • Further Journeys Round the Wheel 2021 – module 2

    Module 2 – Patterns, Habits and Karma MAY 12 – 16 FRIDAY – WEDNESDAY At BROOK END. With Howard Malpas and Leo Rutherford We cross the wheel from Southeast to Northwest following the road from Continue reading…