I am writing to thank you for the work you do.

I have been coming for various courses for a couple of years. I am astonished at the variety of techniques, courses and the depth achieved at each workshop. The array of skills and the depth of experience available at Eagles Wings is rare and renders it all the more precious.

No other therapy (to my knowledge) covers as much ground in the realm of psycho-emotional healing. It is truly special and in some cases it saves people’s lives, preventing self harm or harming others.

The work enables people to make several turn-arounds in their life and helps them to save themselves from deep despair over time. 

For my part I started this therapy because I was developing chronic fatigue. I was physically unable to be awake more than 5 hours a day, I was 38 years old at the time. After repeated consultations at the GP and several blood tests showing that nothing was wrong with my body, I was finally diagnosed with mild depression. I have got to say that the NHS’ leaflet on ‘How to manage anxiety’ and the patronising approach from the mental health nurse did not help my predicament one little bit.
 Chronic fatigue affected me but it was also a burden to my husband and family. It ruined social interaction at every level. I was too tired to listen, to discuss, to decide. I was slowly removing myself (unconsciously) from the world through fatigue.

 So I turned to alternative solutions to deal with my problem on the psycho-emotional level. And this how I came across your work. 
Through it I have been able to identify repetitive patterns in my life, I could work out the basis of my ill health. The work is on-going but I have recovered to a state now where I can play a part in my daily life and interact with the people involved in a normal way. 
I cannot imagine what I would have become if I had not had the possibility to try this work.

 Thank you to all of you for your dedication to such work enabling one to rebuild oneself and filling the gaps ignored by western medicine.

Yours Sincerely


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