Zoom: The Medicine Wheel of Lovers/Sexuality

The Medicine Wheel

NEW DATES – 4 x Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm. September 18th – October 9th 2024

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35+ years and Ita O’Brien, Intimacy Coach for the entertainment industry

The Lovers Medicine Wheel is highly controversial in today’s society.
Of the eight places on The Wheel, only four are fully embraced in much of today’s world and only one by the moralists of the church.

The other four places put a very different slant on this highly provocative subject.

I have taught this medicine wheel at live workshops but always ran foul of societal prejudices and had difficulty maintaining the group’s sense of unity, as participants who felt threatened, clamped down on their feelings. On ZOOM, however, if people’s buttons are pushed they can click the off switch! So I figure I can teach the whole wheel and really get into the challenging parts and we, everyone who stays with it, can discuss and share openly!

Week 1: The Medicine wheel of the Lovers’ Masks fully explained in relation to the Star Maiden’s Circle and the wheel of Petty Tyrants. This will show the eight energies and the motivations behind them.

Week Two: Light and shadow. How each Lover energy has a light and a dark side and how to create the light and avoid getting trapped in the dark.

Week 3: The really difficult areas which have been demonised in our present patriarchal culture but were accepted parts of much older and more feminine-masculine balanced cultures.

Week 4: What can we do to bring ancient matriarchal wisdom to the here and now? How can we enter love relationships without pre-judgement of how they should be, how they should look and what will be socially acceptable?

Pre-requisite – A willingness to look way beyond accepted norms….

Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can tune in to it in your own time.

This difficult and challenging subject, much of which is way beyond rights and wrongs, is boobytrapped with religious/ cultural conditioning of millenia. This has made love relationships far more difficult than they need be. Along with much else of this crazy world we live in, it needs a deep rethink, re-feel, re-sense, re-vamp, re-imagining. My hope is that this workshop will make some small contribution to the much needed changes.

4 x Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm. September 18th – October 9th 2024.

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