Mid-Summer Shamanic Celebrations, Portugal

Leo Rutherford MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35 years
Leo Rutherford MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35 years

Shamanic Journeys & Ceremonies, Dance & Trance-Dance, Qigong

8th – 15th June 2024

Accessing deep Inner wisdom and liberating the Magical Child

A week of fun stuff and deep inner work. We laugh till we cry and cry till we laugh!

With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 35+ years.
And Peter Askew, Yoga teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, Martial Artist, Mindful and Qigong Teacher.

The challenge is – to accept yourself as you are. To dance your truth, to sing and play and have pleasure simply being your Self.

That is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against our training, education, and even our culture. From early on you have been told how you should be, what you should think and who you should become, how you should live. Nobody has ever told you that you are good enough as you are, just you being your natural self.

Self-love is natural and is a must, a basic essential to a good life, a well lived life. Only when we love our Self can we really love another.

“May we all dance together in celebration, each in our place, in our style, in our infinite grace and encourage, support, nurture and stand up for each other every step of the way.”

Gabrielle Roth (Teacher to Leo, 1978-82)
  • Shaking – Entering into the life of the body
  • Five Rhythms – Nature & Spirit connected through the Chakras
  • Finding the Wild Dancer – Dancing the Wild Self
  • Trance Dance – Letting go into the deep inside
  • Stillness – Being one with the Mystery
  • Re-integration – Grounding the experience Into the Heart


Shamanic Journeying – Leaving the body to go into the between worlds.

Qigong – Releasing the fascial web and opening the energy channels, learning to sense your own Qi. Learning 5 element Qigong and the sequences for Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane.

Comments from participants:

“So, I wanted to add how physically different I feel since the dance. I’ve got my Shamanic eyes back in – everything is sharper, brighter & clearer.”

“…. it is now flowing and showing itself, it felt like I went into the Mother, deep, asked for help to circumnavigate the present and its challenges. I feel blessed and honoured to have such company and teaching.”

“Wow! What a difference days can make. So much gratitude for the Trance Dance, Leo.  Major shifts and cutting of seriously stuck, unwanted cords. I’ve returned with my mojo fully back intact, feeling ‘enough’.


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All retreats prices per person. This includes accommodation, classes and food. (Flights into Lisbon or Porto).

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  • Twin Room £550 Per Person
  • Double Room £550 Per Person
  • Eco caravan £500 Per Person
  • Single/double en-suite £700 Per Person
  • Room with a veranda £750 Per Person

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